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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Checking in With Minnesota Twins Prospect Trey Cabbage

The Minnesota Twins last made the playoffs in 2010. They have lost at least 92 games every season except once since and are still rebuilding in an effort to reclaim their former success. One of the young players they are hoping will contribute to that overhaul is third base prospect Trey Cabbage.

A graduate of Grainger High School in Rutledge, Tennessee in 2015, the athletic Cabbage became a baseball prodigy in part due to the influence his entire family had on his development in the sport. Accordingly, when it was time for him to leave school, he was regarded as one of the best young players in the nation and was drafted by the Twins in the fourth round of that year’s draft.

The right-handed throwing, left-handed hitter has been eased into his professional career. Appearing in a total of 64 games at the lowest levels of the minors during the past two years, he has hit a combined .230 with two home runs and 31 RBIs. He has also struck out 75 times in 217 at-bats. However, he is still just 19 and coming into his own as he adjusts to this new level of baseball. 2017 should be a pivotal year for him to play in a full-season league and show what he has learned since turning pro. At 6’3” and over 200 pounds, he projects as a possible power hitter.

Earlier this past winter, Cabbage agreed to answer some questions about his career. Keep reading more on this exciting prospect. You can also follow him on Twitter and see how his 2017 season pans out.

Trey Cabbage Interview

Who was your favorite team and player when you were growing up, and why?: My favorite team was probably the Braves and Cubs because I grew up watching both teams. I just grew fond of the Cubs due to the fact that their Double-A team is a short drive from my house, so I got to see a lot of their big league guys in the minors.

How did you first find out that the Twins were interested in you, and what was your draft experience like?: I found out of the Twins’ interest when they contacted me about coming to a high school game. The draft was a nerve-wrenching experience, but I'm blessed and happy to be where I am.

What position do you think is your best, or where you future lies in baseball?: I honestly don't have a preference where I play in the field. I have been told I'm more suited to play third so I'll keep working to be the best third baseman I can be.

Was there anything in particular you did to celebrate after being drafted?: No, I didn't do anything to celebrate really. I just stayed working and went to play

How difficult was it to get adjusted to actually being a professional ball player and going through all the work and experiences for the first time?: It definitely was an adjustment into pro ball but I felt like I caught on pretty quickly and am excited to get back at it in year two.

How instrumental has your family been in your development as a baseball player?: My family has always been there and supportive in every aspect of my life, including baseball. My father and I have been playing ball and working skills since I was three years old. My family also helped me out in other sports along the way, so I wouldn't be burnt out, or pigeon-holed if you will.

Who is one pitcher from any time in baseball history that you would like to face?: To face any pitcher.... That's a tough one. I just want to make every at bat a quality one and give the best I've got against every pitcher I face.

What do you like to do in your free time?: I love the outdoors so I like hiking and just running and training outside. 

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