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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some Brief World Series Thoughts

I am stuck in an airport trying to get home ahead of Storm Sandy. Decided to put out a few thoughts about the World Series.

It's hard to believe that the Tigers have struggled so much in this series. They have a well balanced team but have gotten cold at the wrong time. If they do end up losing they should feel comfortable heading into 2013 without having to make huge changes. An upgrade at closer is a near-must, given how shaky Valverde has looked. It will be interesting to see if they look within the organization or pursue somebody through trade it free agency.

The Tigers will receive a potential huge upgrade with the return of Victor Martinez. He won't offer much on the field, but is a veteran hitter and solid clubhouse guy.

The 2012 Giants are yet another example of what a team can accomplish with good pitching, defense, and chemistry. They may not look sexy on paper, but they produce.

 It turned out that the best pickup after the season started for any team was Marco Scutaro. I can't think of too many times that picking up a non-flashy middle infielder on the wrong side of 35 has helped swing a pennant race, but Scutaro seemed to act like Super Glue in bringing out the best in the Giants. Most assumed that if anything, acquiring outfielder Hunter Pence was going to be the most productive, however he has been a relative non-factor.

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