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Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick Hits of the Week

  • Josh Hamilton was given Game 2 of the World Series off to rest up for Game 3. He has been banged up with a groin injury, which has contributed to an atypical lack of production throughout the playoffs, but this move is unlike anything I have ever seen. When it comes playoff time, unless something is falling off or there is massive bleeding, your best players should be playing. True gamers don’t let themselves get rested during such times either. I would question the true competitive spirit of any player who wasn’t willing to get in the face of his manager who tried such a move. If a player is physically able to play in Games 1 and 3, there should be no reason why they can’t play in the whole Series.

  • A small maelstrom erupted over Albert Pujols blowing off the media following his role in the Cardinals’ Game 2 loss. He responded the next day by being unapologetic  and smarmy with reporters, telling them "I guess the way you guys are ripping me off, I guess I need to stay tomorrow in the clubhouse until you guys decide to talk to me. My responsibility is to my God and my family, I don't have any responsibility to anybody else.” Apparently the way the media has fawned over Pujols throughout his career, and undoubtedly helped him make a lot of money in endorsements, has not earned them any mutual respect from him when they try to do their jobs. It was a tough game for Pujols, but the classy move would have been to do what all players are expected to do and talk about it. Reporters may be annoying at time, especially after tough losses, but they are also doing their jobs, and are what help drive the popularity and prosperity of the sport.

  • With the Theo Epstein negotiations between the Red Sox and the Cubs dragging on, Commissioner Bud Selig has intimated that he might become involved to help mediate the process. Great, that’s just what the situation needs; a former used car salesman. Like similar transactions from the past, the Red Sox will come away with a yet-to-be-announced package of middling to lower level prospects. Bud should mind his own business and let this play out naturally. Epstein will be in Chicago next year, and if it takes a couple of extra days for Boston to feel that they have gotten the best value, then let them do what they need to do.

  • David Ortiz’s “Look at Me” tour continues to be in full swing. In an apparent effort to keep himself in the headlines, he has come forward again to say that he now wants to come back to Boston next season. Last week he told reporters that he was tired of the drama and that he might consider playing elsewhere, specifically with the New York Yankees. It is likely that he realized that no other team is likely to be willing, or able to pay him as much as Boston can next season, and he is doing a little P.R. backtracking. His act is starting to wear thin with a lot of Boston fans, so it would be great to see him out of the spotlight for a while, as all the issues in Boston continue unfolding.


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