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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ryan Dent: The Building Block

The recent collapse of the Red Sox has brought into question the leadership of the team. Even though Terry Francona will not be returning as manager, it is clear that areas that the front office of Boston are secure in from year to year are drafting and developing their farm system. Each year they stock their system with prospects who they have carefully scouted and evaluated, and all have a good chance of developing one day into major league caliber players.

The Red Sox don’t seem to favor college or high school players, but are willing to take who they think will be the best choice at whatever pick they are working with. Ryan Dent is one of the players taken in recent years that Boston felt had strong all-around skills. 

Drafted with the 62nd selection in the supplemental round of the 2007 MLB draft, Dent, the right handed throwing and batting infielder from Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach California is the type of position player Boston typically covets. He is a multi-tool prospect whose athleticism expands his possibilities as a baseball player.

Not all of Dent’s tools have developed simultaneously. He is a strong base runner and a very good defender, mainly playing shortstop and second base in the minors. Like many prospects, his bat has been the last tool to come along. In his five professional seasons, his highest batting average to date has been .263. Even though he has struggled with some injuries, he has made it as high as Double-A already at the age of 22.  More information about Dent’s career statistics is available at

Now that Dent has had time to grow and develop in the minors, what remains for him is to produce consistently at the higher levels. If he is able to do that he stands a good chance of becoming someone who could be valuable to Boston. As their team is heavily comprised of older veterans, young athletic players like Dent have the ability to bring a whole new dynamic to the team.

Dent recently exchanged emails with me, and answered some questions about his experiences with baseball. The upcoming 2012 season will be a pivotal one for him, and I wish him all the best. If all goes well, fans will be seeing him in Boston before long.

Ryan Dent Interview:

Who was your favorite team and player growing up and why?: I would have to say the Mariners. Only because Griffey, Jr was on the team.

What coach or manager has been most influential on you so far?: I'd prolly have to say my father. He was never my coach or manager but he has always supported me and is there for me through my highs and lows.

How did you find out that Boston was interested in you?: Just through tournaments during high school.

What has been your favorite highlight from your career so far?: Hitting my first pro ball home run!

What is life typically life traveling between minor league games? What do you all do to stave off boredom?: Life is tough! Traveling all the time and having to eat fast food late nights. To stay busy I watch a ton of movies lol.

What do you think you would be doing for a career if you were not playing baseball?: I would become an architect.

After you signed, did you do anything special to celebrate or treat yourself?: Not right after, but two years later I bought my first car.


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